Teacher Penny

My name is Penny and I am the 2/3’s teacher. Our class meets on Thursday and Friday mornings. I am also the toddler teacher for the Family Life Education Departments Infant/ Toddler program and the “Daddy and Me” class. I received my ECE degree at Edmonds Community College and I take great pride in being a lifelong learner. I have been a participant of the NW Teachers Conference for several years and currently attend the Green Mountain Teachers Camp to continue my active learning of music, movement, writing, creative art and much more. I began skiing this winter and during lessons my instructor modeled complete support and unconditional positive regard towards me as I learning at my own pace. This reminded me what if feels like to receive unconditional positive regard which is the style of acceptance I use within my classrooms. I enjoy creating environments and activities for children to explore with their parents. I truly delight in observing each child in my classes and discovering their individual traits and preferences. I value parent input and concerns and I enjoy incorporating parent’s ideas into our classes the curriculum.

Teacher Dina

I am so excited to be a part of this amazing co-op family. I first joined the co-op family in 2004 with my older son Sebastian, and have enjoyed watching us both grow throughout the years. After two years as the chairperson and watching my second son Eddy grow through the program, I feel that I have a good understanding of what it takes to be a co-op teacher. Creativity, patience, and flexibility are all very important qualities that a teacher should possess, but most importantly, a sense of fun and enjoyment in what you do. As I worked on completing my degree in Psychology from UCDavis in 1999, I always knew that I wanted to work with children. And so I did, as a residential counselor at Ruth Dykeman Children's Center. Even though society labeled the children at Ruth Dykeman as "troubled," I knew that they had the same potential as anybody else, and I loved teaching them to see this potential as well. To be successful at this, it takes a big team of people. This is why the cooperative is such a good fit for me. I enjoy working with parents, guardians, families, and faculties to ensure that each student meets their potential. Teacher Penny and I are working hard to create a cohesive team so that we could help ease the transition as your children grow through the co-op like my sons did.