What our families think of CFF Preschool 

The Hastings Family: 

If I could, I would provide three years of play based, parent education focused preschool for every one!

 The opportunities for social growth, emotional literacy, and the confidence it instills in our children are invaluable. The parent education portion of the CFF program made me a better parent, hands down. It gave me tools and insight into the developmental stages of my child as well as provided a valuable network of support.

We are lucky to have such a lovely facility at CFF, with lots of natural light and space. The themes each month are exciting and the care our staff and volunteers take to ensure it is fresh and new each month really shows.  Being a part of the classroom as a parent is so special, allowing your child room to grow and develop confidence while nurturing positive and healthy relationships with adults other than immediate family.

Hearing the term ‘play based’ can be confusing or scary if you are focused on your child learning his ABC’s and doing academic prep for Kindergarten but having had two kids go to Kindergarten after CFF, I can assure you that the things they learn are far more valuable. CFF kids go into Kindergarten understanding the expectations of a classroom, how to solve conflict with their peers, how to work together, how to express their feelings and to be considerate of others. These skills set them up for success as their learning continues. I encourage you to invest this time in your preschooler and your family, it will be very worth it!

-  Ophelia 

We attended CFF Co-op Preschool with all three of our kids, and we had wonderful experiences with each of them. The teaching staff are so warm, creative and playful, while also providing structure in a play-based classroom environment. We enjoyed being a part of the co-op because it gave us the opportunity to make friends, be involved in our kids’ education/social learning, and ultimately gain valuable parenting insight through the EdCC Parent Education. Our kids benefitted, too, as they acquired very important social-emotional skills, letter/number recognition, and all around confidence in themselves. By the end of our time at CFF, all of our kids were so prepared for kindergarten. During our orientation with our son’s teacher, she said, “Whatever they’re doing at CFF preschool, it’s really helping to prepare your kids for elementary school!” We loved being a part of CFF’s community, and though we have moved on (you can’t stay in Pre-K forever!), we look back at our years there with lots of fond, fun memories.

-  Amy

If you are a current or past family of our co-op and would like to share a video or written testimonial of your experience in the co-op  please email the communications chair at:   communications-1@cffcoop.org 

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